Tuesday, June 2, 2009

About BDRS

I am a Boston lawyer with more than 28 years of experience. I founded Boston Dispute Resolution Services as an adjunct to my law practice. BDRS provides timely and cost-effective mediation and other ADR services to the legal, insurance, and business communities. These ADR services include mediation, conciliation, case evaluation, and business facilitation.
In my law practice, I have represented plaintiffs and defendants, including businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to Fortune 100 companies, in a variety of matters. These have included routine business disputes and personal injury claims, employment and workplace disputes, real estate and land use disputes, intellectual property and media matters, serious personal injury and death claims, major property losses, bad faith and unfair practices, and multi-million dollar, multi-party, complex business, construction, product liability, and insurance cases.

While many such disputes were resolved in court by motion, trial, or appeal, most were resolved through negotiated settlements. Over the years, my clients and I increasingly turned to mediation as a way to reach such settlements, particularly in complex, multi-party cases.

Although most of those mediations led to a resolution, in some instances the process itself was frustrating or unsatisfying. My belief that mediation participants deserve more than the “arm twisting” or “splitting the difference” that too often characterize “old school” mediation led me to explore different mediation styles and processes.

While mediation and most other services at BDRS (case evaluation being an obvious exception) primarily use a facilitative model of mediation (derived in part from concepts developed at the Harvard Negotiation Project), the process is tailored as needed to meet the needs of the parties in an efficient and productive manner.

I feel that I bring a balanced view and unique, practical perspective to my dispute resolution services, drawing on what I found to be most successful in my own ADR experiences as a litigator, while seeking to enhance the overall process and maximize satisfaction of those using the services provided by BDRS.